Everything You Need To Know About Sleep Phobia and How To Overcome It

Most of us enjoy sleeping. We consider sleeping as a basic necessity to live just like breathing, eating or drinking. But however, for some people, sleeping is like any other critical disease. Patients who suffer from fear of sleep are mainly caused by anxiety disorders that are related to sleep.

Sleep phobia is the fear of falling asleep or sleeping and is mostly related to stress or fear of unknown. Typically, the patient will begin to experience some sort of anxiety that will leave him horrified of what might occur if he falls asleep. This is a condition that can largely affect your life if it is not taken seriously.


Causes of sleep phobia

Most of the patients suffering from sleep phobia are extremely afraid of having bad dreams that are brought by the dead. This condition is also referred to as thanatophobia which is the fear of dying in your sleep. During his/her sleep, the patient might feel vulnerable and tend to believe that sleeping and death goes hand-in-hand. This will leave the patient completely scared and out of control. Sleep paralysis can be another cause of sleep phobia. This is a muscular paralysis that affects the patient upon waking up. It might affect a person when he continuously experience the same feeling, therefore leading them to fear falling asleep. Horror movies are another reason for fear of sleep. Patients suffering from sleep phobia should avoid horror movies that involve snakes, witches and demons.Researchers say that majority of sleepwalkers are the main victims of fear of sleep that develops to be something tragic and crucial which makes it hard for them to sleep. Others will develop a talking habit that will make them fear sleeping because they might start revealing important things or secrets that can’t be controlled during their sleep. People with anxiety disorders might also find it difficult to sleep and if they do, there is a high possibility that they are going to experience bad dreams. In most cases, these patients will wake up in the middle of the night but won’t be able to recall their bad dreams and will be very difficult for them to fall back to sleep. This is a common condition that mostly affects older people.

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How to with cope fear of sleep

Mental health forums are used to help patients suffering from this condition. They will help the patient overcome sleep phobia by offering mental and social support. Mental health forum is an online or offline support groups that allow different people to share their experiences and to share ideas and remedies that will help them overcome the fear of falling sleep.

Chanting of ‘om’ and relaxing mantras before sleeping are also know to help patients suffering from this condition. Yoga, as well as meditation or any mind body technique like chi or tai, are among the best remedies for sleep phobia.

Depp breathing is another remedy that has helped a lot of patients suffering from this condition. Other effective ways are hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, talk therapy, or even gradual desensitization. Consider using these treatments and you won’t need to fear sleep anymore.

Another commonly suggested solution is to get a good mattress, because this can help you fall asleep faster, therefore minimizing the time you have to think about your fear. You can check out top rated mattresses hereĀ www.qualityairmattresses.com.