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Cobblestone Games Builders of Blankenburg - B01BJ46WGG

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  • 2-5 players compete to build the most pretigious structures in the town of Blankenburg

  • Medium weight strategy enjoyable by families and gamers alike in 60-90 minutes

  • Features bidding, resource management, and area contol

  • Beautiful artwork throughout featuring over 100 unique images

  • Cutthroat Expansion also available

  • Product Description

    The year is 1123. A new count has arrived to oversee the surrounding countryside. As word spreads, people have begun to flock to the settlement. The time is right for Blankenburg to expand into a flourishing town.

    In Builders of Blankenburg, you are one of many people working to build up the town and earn prestige in the eyes of the count. Prestige is earned by building structures throughout the town, but to do so you’ll need enough sier to purchase the proper resources with which to build. Pay attention to the citizens of the growing town. If you build what they’re looking for, you’ll have a steady stream of income. Builders of Blankenburg introduces the novel citizen track, an ever increasing populace who seek different places to live and work, while also serving to determine the length of the game. But beware, new events and visitors each turn can disrupt your best laid plans. Make your imprint on Blankenburg to become its most prestigious builder and earn the key to the town!

    From the Manufacturer

    Unique City Building Strategy Game

    Builders of Blankenburg adds a new twist to city building strategy. The citizen track requires you to think not just about what you’re building, but who you’re building it for. You must heed the citizen’s requests in order to generate income that allows you to continue building. New citizens arrive each turn providing more income potential, but also hastening the end of the game, which occurs when the town is full or either structures or citizens.

    Family Friendly, Intuitive Rules

    The best games are those we can play with both our gamer friends and our family. Though deeper strategies are possible as you play more, the intuitive rules allow casual gamers and children to enjoy Builders of Blankenburg as well. Each turn consists of four phases: Bidding, Building, Income, and the Marketplace. This logical progression of gaining resources, using them to build, then earning income from what you built, makes sense and is easy for all types of players to learn.

    Interactive Bidding

    Every turn of Builders of Blankenburg features a simultaneous bid for resources. This allows an opportunity to try and claim the most in demand resources, or to prevent opponents from gaining what they need. Wise bidding will help you save your sier and every coin counts later in the game.

    Critical Acclaim

    Builders of Blankenburg has generated excellent reviews from both professionals and the gaming community. Board Game Quest compared it to a fine vintage of wine, noting that it is "a game that breathes new life into the building-construction euro-style with its distinctive gameplay."

    Area Control

    There are four different districts in which to construct in Builders of Blankenburg. Each district can accommodate different structures and each is limited in size. A tight game can be decided not only by what you build, but by where you build it.

    A Board Game for Everyone

    Cobblestone Games is all about bringing people together through board gaming. Builders of Blankenburg draws you in with its beauty, captures you with its simplicity, and brings you back for more with the depth of strategy available.

    About the Startup

    Describe your product in 3 words.

    Bidding and building

    How did you come up with the idea for this product?

    Most city building games seem to focus on the buildings and how they interact, but never pay any heed to who actually stays there. I had an idea for a game where success would require paying attention to the populace as you build your city. Nothing prevents you from building structures nobody is asking for, but doing so will impact you income, just like in real life.

    What makes your product special?

    I love games that can be played by the whole family, yet still offer enough strategy for gamers to enjoy them as well. Builders of Blankenburg lands in that sweet spot. During the play testing in development, I actually started with my wife and daughter, later expanding play testers to include other casual gamers and blind play testing with gamers at local shops. The end result is a board game that appeals to everyone.

    What has been the best part of your startup experience?

    My favorite part of being a startup is when the first feedback from Kickstarter started rolling in. These are people who don’t know me or owe me anything, and have anonymity, but they came out on their own saying great things about how they enjoyed the game so much. It makes it all worthwhile.

    Cobblestone Games Builders of Blankenburg - B01BJ46WGG