5 Ways to Deal with Your Fear of Heights

Acrophobia. The fear of heights. Most people have this. Most people do not know how to deal with it. Here are five ways that can help you on how to deal with fear of heights.

  1. Therapy

Sessions with your therapist are ways to reduce your fear in a gradual manner. At the same time, therapists teach you ways in which you can overcome your fear. Sometimes, medication is a need. Each therapist may give you a different approach in treating your Acrophobia. In the end, you have to choose the best therapist for you.

One of the things you need to consider is the type of treatment the therapist offers. There are many types of therapy treatments. But the one you choose should reduce your fear of heights.fear_of_heights_10

  1. Look it straight in the eye

Acrophobia comes in different levels. For some, just the thought of being in tall buildings is enough to make them shiver in fright. Others don’t get anxious until on the edge of a tall platform.Acrophobia means having an unexplained fear of heights. Unexplained means that even if you know you are safe, you still have an extreme fear of it. If you look at your fear straight in the eye, you will know at what degree you have it. Then, you progress to solving it. Push yourself. Try reading a book on the edge of a balcony on the 10th floor. Or you can do some exercise looking out the window of the 20th floor. Once you surpass your fear at these levels, you can move on to the next height.

  1. Do not look for extreme solutions

This is one big mistake. Some people look for a one time solution that can take their fear out. In the case of Acrophobics, some of them try sky jumping, or jumping from a high cliff to overcome their fear. They believe that if they do the extreme act, their fear will just go away. The main logic is that a person with Acrophobia realizes that these acts are safe; that there are no risks involved in these. Unfortunately, doing such will often times not lead to fruition. In fact, these acts may exacerbate the fear itself.

  1. Seek Medical Treatment

Medication is another approach you can seek on how to deal with your fear of heights. A psychiatrist can provide you with psychiatric and medication treatments.  But you need to find a psychiatrist who has what it takes to help you. You can ask your family doctor for a referral. There is a good chance he or she knows someone you can depend on.

Medication is a last resort in the treatment of phobia. But medication may reduce your anxiousness when your fear stares at you. It also gives you the confidence to stare right back at it.

  1. Go Natural

High caffeine consumption can amplify your anxiety when your fears kick in.  And while coffee is the number one culprit, it’s not limited to it. This also applies to other food products with high caffeine content. Reducing or taking it out can help you overcome your fear of heights.

Getting enough sleep at night can help also. The same goes with getting daily exercise. Both of these have a direct effect on your health. Being healthy means your mind and body can deal with anxiety and stress better. The endorphins your body produces during exercise makes you feel better and calm. Needless to say, calmness opposes anxiety.It is important that you deal with your fear of heights, especially if height is part of your life. Do not content yourself by tolerating it. Have it treated by seeking help or by helping yourself.